Adam Aggiss

Drums | Percussion | Vocals

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“There is no point in knowing things if you can’t pass that knowledge on...”


Adam uses a variety of materials when teaching including the Trinity Rockschool Grade Books. If a student wishes to take a Rockshool exam he will happily guide them through the process and can currently boast a 100% pass rate. He has also created a set of music notes for beginners with examples of Rhythms, Fills and Rudiments for practice use, in styles like Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz & Funk. The various lessons and pages can be downloaded below as PDf files (right click on a file as choose “save as”)


Although self taught up until the age of 22, Adam then studied drums for 8 years with professional tutor James MacDonald. This vastly improved his technique, sight reading and theory, whilst also broadening his general music appreciation and knowledge. All of which has been invaluable in him pursuing a career in the music business as a drummer

When teaching he tries to impart everything he has learnt including the reading and writing of drum score, various styles from Rock, Pop and Jazz to Latin and African Music, and useful exercises and practice techniques.

But overall he has found that the most important thing is to make learning a fun experience in order to instill a genuine enthusiasm for the instrument


Adam has taught people of all ages and abilities in both individual and group contexts

Private Tuition (1998 - Current)

Bishop David Brown School, Sheerwater (2007 - 2018)

St Andrews Secondary School, Leatherhead (2004 - Current)

He has also been involved with residential music workshops run by local councils and charities,  A2 level recording engineering sessions at Farnborough college, workshops for children with learning difficulties, and music therapy sessions for the physically and mentally handicapped.