Adam Aggiss

Drums | Percussion | Vocals

live - studio - tuition - gear




Adam started playing drums almost 3 decades ago, turning semi-professional in the mid-nineties and eventually going full time in 2003.

Now a seasoned professional he has plied his trade all over Europe including multiple appearances at ‘The Glastonbury Festival’ as well as other major European events, performing to audiences upwards of 30 thousand people

As for TV work he was featured on BBC1's Arena documentary ‘Into The Limelight’ (about tribute bands) in addition to several other shows and events

His musical credits include highly successful tribute acts like Pink Fraud, Robbing Williams, The Police Academy and The Briefcase Blues Brothers

Outside of the tribute circuit he has worked with original artistes on live, studio and session projects, not to mention theatrical productions including Tapdogs

He is in high demand on the covers/function circuit due to his renowned versatility and vast experience, and also acts as musical director or co-manages a number of the acts he currently performs with

In addition to performing he teaches drums both privately and at local schools and if that wasn’t enough he also produces backing tracks, creates promotional material including websites, and manages events under the banner of AJA Music